Poker dictionary

  • Action

    It is a player's turn to decide what move to make. 2. Loose, is the term for a game with a lot of raises.
  • A-Game

    A poker player is playing to the best of his ability, i.e. playing his A-game. 2. The name for a game played on the highest possible.
  • ABC Player

    Used to describe a player who is very predictable. Usually plays tight, follows the advice of the poker books he has read to the letter.
  • Ace

    The highest or lowest ranking card in the deck, depending on the type of poker you are playing.
  • Ace in the Hole

    If at least one of the hole cards dealt to the player is an Ace.
  • Ace Out -

    A commonly used term for the situation where someone wins with an Ace high card. This may be because the opponent had an even weaker card on the show, or bluffed to discard his right hand.
  • Ace-to-Five Lowball

    The collective name for poker variations where the winning hand is the lowest-value combination of cards, also known as 5432A wheel. The Ace is the lowest valued card hand, rows and suits do not count.
  • Ace-to-Six Lowball

    The collective name for poker variations where the winning combination is the lowest valued card combination, which is 6432A.In comparison to the previous example, the straight counts here so 5432A may not be the best hand.
  • Ace-High

    A five-card poker card combination that does not contain a pair or better, but does contain an Ace. (A similar variation is used for King-High, Queen-High, etc.)
  • Aces and Spaces

    A five-card poker hand combination that contains two aces and three other worthless cards. 2. For poker varieties that use more than two hole cards, a hole card combination that contains a pair of aces but the other cards are worthless, so there is no chance of making good draws, low or high combinations.
  • Aces Full

    A full house that contains three aces and a pair.
  • Aces Over

    Two pairs, one of which is an Ace. Usage: aces over tens: AA-TT two pair
  • Aces Up

    Two pairs, one of which is an ace.
  • Aces Wired

    Two aces in hand. Other commonly used names: Bullets, American Airlines, Eyes of Texas
  • American Airlines

    Pair of Aces as a starting card. (AA)
  • Acey-Deucey

    1st A2 in hand. 2. Two pair, AA-22.
  • Act

    To make a particular move ( bet, call, check, fold or raise ) at the appropriate time. 2. The player acts to deceive the opponent.
  • Action card

    A community card that matches the cards in the hand of at least two players, and raises are initiated because of it. For example, an Ace on the flop when two players have an Ace.
  • Action Spot

    The central part of the poker table where the players place their raises.
  • Active Player

    A player who is involved in the fight for a particular pot. If there are side pots, a player who is all-in may be active in some pots but not in others.
  • Add-on

    For tournaments, a rebuy that everyone is eligible for, regardless of chip position. This is usually only allowed once, at the end of the rebuy period. An add-on is more chips per dollar invested than buy-ins and rebuys.
  • Advertising

    A method of deception. The presentation of cards after an obviously bad play or a successful bluff in order to give the opponents a false impression of the player's style and knowledge. The player may also seek to show only good cards, which may make opponents believe that he rarely bluffs.
  • Aggressive

    A style of play characterized by a lot of raising and re-raising.
  • Ainsworth

    Six-two (62)
  • Ajax

    Ace-Jack (AJ)
  • Alabama Night Riders

    Three Kings (KKK)
  • Alexander

    King of clubs.
  • All Blue

    Spade or club flush.
  • All Pink

    Heart or diamond flush.
  • All-In

    If a player puts all his chips in the pot, he is all-in.
  • All-In Over the Top

    After a raise by an opponent, the player puts all his chips into the pot.
  • All-In protection

    A term used in online poker rooms to describe protection in the event of Internet disconnection. If there is a breakdown in communication between the player and the server during a hand, the player will act as if he is all-in. His hand remains, but no further action is taken. At the end of the hand, if he has the winning hand, he wins the pot that existed when the all-in protection went into effect. Intentional use of all-in protection is cheating and is penalized by the house. Not all online poker rooms use it. In many cases, the player's hand is folded when there are connection problems.
  • Alternate Straight

    A five-card combination made up of every other card. For example 6,8,10, Q, A A hand not recognized under official poker rules. Used in private clubs with their own rules. It is stronger than a normal straight because it can occur in fewer combinations. Other names: skip straight, Dutch straight
  • Ammo

    The amount of chips held by a player.
  • Angle

    An action that is possible under the rules, but ethically questionable, to improve the outcome.
  • Anna Kournikova

    Ace-King (AK) Looks good, but rarely wins. :)
  • Ante

    A small bet that all players must place before each hand. In Texas Hold'em, usually only in the late stages of tournaments or deep-stack cash games.
  • Apple

    The largest grassroots game in a poker club.
  • Arkansas Flush

    A four-card flush.
  • Argine

    Queen of clubs. An anagram of the Latin word regina (queen).
  • Around the Corner Straight

    A five-card combination of consecutive cards, a special kind of straight that includes K-A-2. Not a recognized hand under official poker rules. Used in private clubs with their own rules. It is stronger than the normal straight because it can occur in fewer combinations.
  • Asian Games

    Former name for California games.
  • As Nas

    A Persian card game from which poker is derived.
  • Average pot, AvgPot

    In English, average pot. Shows the amount of average pots won at a poker table over the last few hands. There are two main ways of calculating this: 1. 2. When the un-called raise is not counted in the pot from which the average is calculated.. In the second case, the average pot values displayed in the online poker room will be lower for the same style of play. The values will differ especially in NL games.
  • Ax, AX

    Two cards, one of which is an ace. The other can be anything but is likely to be a low value card.
  • Air

    nothing. Used for a worthless, weak card.
  • Ante off

    If a player is not at the table during the tournament, the antes, small blinds or big blinds are taken off in the same way to keep the tournament fair to the other players.
  • AIPF

    All-in preflop, i.e. when one or more players go all-in preflop.
  • ATC

    Any two cards or A2 xx
  • Auto-rebuy

    A commonly used setting in online poker whereby in cash-game games, if a player loses chips, they are automatically re-bought by the client, while in tournament poker, they are automatically re-registered for the tournament.