The sections listed below will cover most of the questions concerning the concept of 'rakeback' and 'rakerace'.

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Rakeback FAQ

To get a more clear understanding on rakeback we first have to define what "rake" is.

The rake is the amount of money (in other words, a commission) that the players pay to the online poker room. Whenever the total pot reaches a certain amount (and the hand does not end before the flop), the poker room deducts a "rake".

In most cases you have the opportunity to recover a certain percentage of the rake you have generated.

This is called rakeback, and players usually see these returns during the first days of the upcoming month. These percentages of rakeback will vary from room to room.

No. In order to find out which room does, please check the subpage of the poker room in question.

It is important to know that no one receives rakeback automatically.

To be eligible for rakeback you need to follow the instructions under Rakeback Offers. Here you will find all the information necessary for obtaining a rakeback.

Application methods differ from room to room, so be sure to click on (and follow the instructions of) the room of your choice.

In this case, the best thing you could do is to send us a private message to info@rakerace.com, because once again, solutions for this can vary.

In general, however, it is quite difficult (but not impossible) to convert a non-rakeback account into one eligible for rakeback.

Basically these terms concern the calculation methods of the rake you generate.

The contributed rake calculation lets players get their share of the rake paid to the room only if they contributed money in the given pot, while dealt rakeback calculation means rakeback for everyone that has been dealt cards.

This means that in the later case every player being dealt cards in the hand gets credited the same amount of rake, while contributed rake calculation is proportional , so players will receive rake depending on how much money they contribute in the pot.

This is interesting because this way you receive rakeback according to how much rake you generate. It is generally true that if we play tight, then dealt rakeback is more advantageous for us.

If you register at Rakerace.com, on your personal profile you will be able to track your statistics on how much rake and rakeback you have generated.

This depends on the preferences of the poker room. To acquire rakeback information on tournaments, please see the Rakeback Offers section.

Yes, if you register to a rakeback poker room via Rakerace.com, you will still receive a sign-up bonus in addition to your rakeback.

Some poker rooms deduct the sum of the sign-up bonus from your monthly rake.

Payments for rakeback are typically paid once per month, directly back into your poker account or to your Rakerace.com account.

Depending on the rules of the poker website (listed under Rakeback Offers), payout methods may vary.

For more information on receiving your rakeback, please check our review of the poker site of your interest or feel free to contact us on Customer Support.

Rake race FAQ

A rake race is a variation of promotions, in which players compete for a usually pre-determined prize pool. The monthly value of these exclusive races ranges from $1,000 up to $30,000.

During a rake race, you will advance in position if you generate more rake than the other players. The most important advantage of a rakerace is that with the help of it you can acquire an additional bonus to top your winnings every month.

Only those who have registered to the poker room through Rakerace.com can take part in our exclusive poker rake races and chases. Our exclusive races can be found here.

Rake chases are similar to rake races, but in this case players compete to reach a target amount of MGR (or VIP points in some cases).

If you reach this amount, you will receive a pre-determined cash reward.

General FAQ

MGR stands for Monthly Gross Revenue. MGR is the total amount of rake you generated while playing, not including deductions made by your poker room.

The poker rooms can deduct certain fees including bonuses, deposit fees or VIP Store purchases. Some poker rooms, however, do not deduct any of these fees from your MGR.

In order to be able to choose the best possible rakeback deal, please visit our Rakeback Offers section, where we provide detailed information on how the MGR is calculated at the poker room of your choice.

Almost all the rakeback statistics are updated on a daily basis.

If, however, your stats seem to remain unchanged even though you played, you do not need to worry. This is a delay in the update usually caused by the poker room, not us. Whenever a delay like this occurs, you can count on us to sort it out as soon as possible, not taking more than a couple of days.

Usually, if you clear a bonus, it will get deducted from your MGR.

For example, if you cleared a $500 bonus while generating $1000 in rake, you would receive rakeback from $500 (the other $500 already having been deducted from your MGR). Certain poker rooms, however, do not deduct bonuses from your MGR, this way you can obtain bonuses and receive rakeback after the full amount of MGR at the same time.

Within our Rakeback Offers section, you will find accurate information on how different poker rooms calculate your MGR and bonuses.

Most online poker rooms offer a sign-up (or first deposit) bonus for new players. This is a bonus that can be unlocked by completing certain requirements (usually this means you have to acquire a certain amount of poker room points in a given time).

The amount of bonuses offered varies within every poker room, and even the same poker room can have different sign-up bonus offers.

When registering via Rakerace.com, you usually receive a higher bonus than the one offered by the poker room itself.

In order to obtain your sign-up bonus, please visit our Rakeback Offers section, where you will find instructions on how to get the most value out of the bonus offers using our exclusive bonus codes.

Due to the current US laws, American residents are restricted from playing in a number of online poker rooms.

However, Rakerace.com has filtered and made available several sites that welcome US players. These sites are symbolised by the US flag, listed within our Rakeback Offers section.