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2010. February 22.
In this article we will be analysing and comparing three of the many point per day reward promotions available on the market today.


Points per day promotions all have a very similar structure where they reward players for continual play. The only restriction a player has in this type of promotion is their level of dedication as for earning points everyday equals higher returns.

The reason for this article is to provide readers with a guide on how they are sturctured and how to make them work for you. For this article we have chosen to look at the promotions of the following big and popular poker rooms:    




      A part of the Entraction Network 


      Average 1500 players


The NoiQ Poker Spring Endurance Race



NoiQ Poker’s point promotion is called the Spring Endurance Challenge.


The first part of the Spring Endurance Challenge runs from the 9th to 28th of February and requires players to earn VIP Points over 20 consecutive days.


Players must first choose which level they wish to compete in and insure they hit the daily requirements over the 20-day Endurance Period.


The €220,000 prize pool will be split up and distributed daily between all the players that earn the required VIP Points.

However, the more VIP Points a player earns, the bigger the share in the prize. 


The prize pool for each Endurance Challenge will increase and you will get extra VIP Points in the third and largest race if you manage to qualify for a prize in the first or second race.


Game types that qualify are Texas NL and all Omaha PL variants (including Omaha 5C and H/L).
The promotion is set to run over the following periods:


Endurance periods:

February:    9th Feb to 28th Feb
March:        12th Mar to 31st Mar
April:          11th Apr to 30th Apr

Note: The VIP points needs to be earned on the specific levels to count.


          Levels and Prizes

daily requirements

How much can a player expect in return?

A player’s winnings depend on the player’s total amount of Endurance Challenge VIP Points gathered through a specific and blind level.


A player earns at least VIP 100 everyday during 20 days and qualifies for the €20,000 prize pool.


Their total amount of VIP points is VIP3000 from play on those blind levels. The total amount of VIP-points of all the qualified players is VIP60000. The player will then get VIP3000/VIP60000 = 5% of the €20,000 = €1,000 in prize.


Basically, the more VIP Points a player gathers, the bigger the share in the prize pool.


Extra promotions, such as Point Multipliers are available for players who do well in both races.




      Average 5000 players


The Cash Machine


PartyPoker’s Point per Day system is called the Cash Machine.


The Cash Machine is a promotion where players were eligible to convert an unlimited amount of points into cash.
The time period for this promotion ran from 4th 31st January.


Although the promotion is over, it is not the first time PartyPoker has held this type of promotion and we should see it again in the near future.


How it works


In order to receive an unlimited cash reward, players need to meet the minimum requirements of earning at least 10 Points a day for a period no smaller than 10 days.


On completion of the promotion PartyPoker looks at the highest earning 10 days of a player’s point collection and rewards them a dollar for every point earned on the lowest of those 10 days. so, the main goal for a player is to go ballistic and earn as many points as possible.


An example of the 10 best days and payout is as follows:

PartyPoker table

From the table above we can see that the player’s lowest daily points total in this period was 200. This means they will receive a $200 cash reward directly into their Party Account.

There were 28 days for players to make the most of this promotion and the Cash Machine bonuses were only limited by the number of points earned.

Cash Machine Booster Bonus

The most dedicated players were able to make the most out of this promotion through the Cash Machine Booster Bonus.

Players who achieved a minimum of 1000 PartyPoints per day on 20 days out of the 28, PartyPoker opened the vault to the following rewards in addition to the Cash Machine payouts:

The table below shows us the extra rewards that were on offer.

Cash Machine Booster Bonus






     A part of the Ongame Network 

     Average 2800 players


RedKings Point Per Day system

The promotion ran from the 6th of Jan until the 2nd of Feb 2010.

This has been quite a popular promotion and was quoted as ’the most popular rake race in history’.

With 4 weekly starting dates and a monthly Race as well, players were able to choose between a variety of prizes.


Players were only competing against themselves in this race and it has been all about how much a player plays a day. With up to 4 weekly starting dates available, players are enabled to compete in all four weekly races, plus the grand monthly race.


Some of the prizes that were up for grabs (with over $150,000 to be won) included TVs, Laptops, PS3s and cash. The main prize was a package to a major poker live tournament in Portugal.
With over $150,000 in prizes and cash to be won ‘Point per Day - 4 Kings Special’ has to be one of the easiest to win races found online.


The format of this race is different from the majority of other poker rooms. Here, players need to choose the amount of RedKings points they can surely generate each day.


The choice ranges between 50, 200 or 500 points a day and whenever you meet the daily requirements you earn 1 Race Point.  


Up for offer were 3 levels and 8 categories of prizes. A player could either choose to stop at any level and claim their prize or continue on to get better prizes while moving up the levels.


Monthly Leaderboard

RedKings table

From the table above we can see the top ten winners of the promotion. It is interesting to note that if we look at the 50 Player Points Level second and third place, we can see that it is not all about the total amount of Points gathered, but more about reaching the daily requirements every day.


If we have a look at these examples, we can see that second place acquired 3376 Points (and 28 Race Points), whereas third place gathered 9155 (and 27 Race Points). It doesn’t really matter in these types of promotions how strong the competition is, as players receive rewards based on individual performance.

RedKings decided to go one step further in this promotion, offering all players who achieved at least 20 Race Points over the weekly promotions entry into the grand Monthly Race, adding to the total prize pool, making it $150,000.

Comparing the cost to you for these promotions


Putting the promotions aside, if we have a look at the rate by which the three poker rooms reward Points, we get an indication on how much rake needs to be generated in order to meet the basic requirements for these promotions. 


In order to compare the data more accurately, PartyPoker and RedKings Poker offers US dollars, so NoiQ Poker was converted into USD to keep it on the same playing field.

PartyPoker  1 PartyPoint = 0.50 USD rake 

NoiQ Poker  1 VIP = €0.50 (approximately 0.68 USD) rake

RedKings     1 Point = $0.25 USD rake (estimates)


In the cases below, we have calculated how much it willl take to acquire around $200 prize within all three rooms. The calculations are as follows:  


If we look at the minimum requirements for PartyPoker’s promotion, we can see that if a player collects 200 PartyPoints ($100 in rake) on the worst day of the top 10, he will receive $200. 


Assuming that the player collects around the same amount of points every day for the month, his total rake will be approximately


$100 * 28days (promotion period) = $2800

The player’s cashback percentage will be as follows:

$200 / $2800 = 7% estimated cashback


If a player goes for the $200 top prize in Level 1 (requirements: 50 Points a day) of the monthly RedKings Points Per Day Promotion, we would see the following results:

At a minimum, the player needs to acquire 11,000 Points. This means that the player has to generate $2,750 rake. His reward will then be $200.


The player’s cashback percentage will be as follows:

$200 monthly prize plus four weekly prizes (around 4 * $5 = $20) = $220 total rewards


$220 / $2750 = 8% estimated cashback


Last but not least, we will look at NoiQ Poker’s Spring Endurance Promotion. According to the current leaderboard standings, if we assume the player who is at the last place has continual play, he will have generated 2861 Points ($1945 USD in rake) and a prize of around €207 = $282 USD.

The player’s cashback percentage will be as follows:

$282 / $1945 = 14% estimated cashback


After looking at all the data for cashback returns, we can see that NoiQ Poker offers the best return with around 14% cashback. PartyPoker provides players with around 7% cashback and the RedKings promo means 8% estimated cashback for a player going for the cash prize (we did not calcuate cashback in case of electronic products). 


Estimated Cashback Percentages


It is quite hard to compare these three promotions, as they all provide return in different ways.

PartyPoker provides a cashback system with no limits. This promotion would suit players of any stake or level.

NoiQ Poker and RedKings are more race-like and work with a pre-determined prize pool.

RedKings allows players to choose one of the three levels and play for the prizes according to that level.

At NoiQ Poker, the players’ level is determined by the stakes they play at.

NoiQ Poker offers 30-45% rakeback ,while PartyPoker have a VIP system and so does RedKings.

Bonuses must also be taken into account when calculating the return, so before deciding if the promotion is right for you, you need to figure out which one suits your gameplay best.

For further information on the poker rooms discussed in this article, please visit our links below:

NoiQ Poker room review

PartyPoker room review


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