• Rakeback: Up to 60%
  • Exclusive race: $8000
  • Deposit bonus: $600
  • Bonus code: rakerace


  • 100%
  • 70%
  • 100%
  • 80%


  • Excellent traffic
  • Soft fields
  • Highest tournament guarantees
  • Innovative games
  • Generous bonuses
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GGPoker Room Review

Before signing up

  1. If you already have the GGPoker software installed on your computer, you must delete it. Otherwise, no further action is required.
  2. The registration process should be done in an incognito window, as some browsing history may lead to errors (your GGPoker account will not be attached to and will not be eligible for our exclusive offers).
  3. An alternative to using an incognito window is to delete cookies from your computer.

If you need help, please get in touch with our customer support!

Creating an account

Creating an account

1. You can now create your GGPoker account via by clicking the "Registration" button below. Remember to take this step in an incognito window!


2. This will take you to the official GGPoker site. Click the "Play Now!" button, select your country, enter your email address and set your password.

3. Than you must accept the terms and conditions on the sign-up page, then click "Next".

4. Enter the verification code sent to your email address. If you cannot find it, please check your Spam folder.

5. If you created your account following our registration instructions, you do not need to enter the bonus code. However, it is highly recommended as entering the bonus code which will link your account to even if you made a mistake during the registration process.

Bonus Code: rakerace



Congratulations! You have successfully registered for GGPoker. Follow a few more steps, and you'll be ready to play!

Go to the main page of the GGPoker. Click the "Download" button and install the poker software.

Submit your sign-up details

Submit your sign-up details

As a final step, please send us your GGPoker login details. This will allow us to identify you as one of our players, and you will be eligible for our offers. Click the "Enter your ID" button to do so.

All set now, good luck at the tables!

Have you got a question? Contact our customer service, and we'll help!

Submit your sign-up details

  • Exclusive point race: C$8,000
  • Rakeback: Up to 60%
  • Welcome bonus: 100% Welcome Bonus up to $600 or $100 in C$ & tickets bonus

If you believe you have the best deal at the site through another affiliate, make sure to reach out to us and we'll guarantee you an even better offer!

You can choose from two types of Welcome bonus.

The first one is classic First Deposit Bonus which provides 100% bonus up to $600:

  • Equals to a 25% rakeback.
  • You have 90 days to release your bonus.
  • Every time $20 of rake is generated, $5 will be released into your balance.
  • Minimum deposit amount is $10

The second is a $100 C$ and tickets bonus, which is better suited for lower volume players.

  • By making your first deposit ($20+) you will receive $52.5 in free tickets, no strings attached.
    To receive another $47.5 in C$, you must play All-In or Fold for six consecutive days following the initial deposit. (This offer expires in six days after your deposit.)

After making the first deposit, the player must select their preferred bonus on the Deposit page from the 'Choose your bonus' dropdown menu. 

  • You can earn up to 60% rakeback thanks to GGPoker's VIP system called the Fish Buffet Rewards and Black Ranks Program. Once you are opted-in, you can earn Fish Buffet Points (FP). You will receive 100 FP for every $1 rake you accumulate.. There are 25 different levels to unlock. Each level has different FP and time limit requirements.

  • When a specific limit is reached, players can spin the Fish Buffet Rewards Wheel or switch to the Black Ranks Program, which provides flat weekly cashback. If the required FP amount is not met within the time frame, players will drop down to the previous level. Players also can switch to lower Black Rank anytime.

  • Fish Buffet and Black Ranks Reward Levels:
StatusLevelFP Required (rake)TimelimitPrize Range($)Expected cashback(%)
Plankton750 ($7,5)7 days0,75-215
Goldfish1500 ($15)7 days1,5-517
Black FishWeekly Payout-Flat Cashback20
ShrimpBronz6000 ($60)15 days6-3022
CrabBronz12 000 ($120)15 days12-6026
OctopusBronz60 000 ($600)30 days60-36030
Black Octopus35
WhaleBronz275 000 ($2750)60 days300-220040
Black Whale50
SharkBronz750 000 ($7500)60 days750-750055
Black SharkWeekly Payout-Flat Cashback60

  • In addition to the Fish Buffet reward by GGPoker, players who signed up via are entitled to an exclusive $8000 GGPoker race each month, which offers huge extra value:
RankingWinnings (C$)RankingWinnings (C$)RankingWinnings (C$)
  • You receive 3 point for every $1 of net rake you generate
  • Prizes will be paid out in C$

The rake in GGPoker games is as follows:

  • Hold'em cash game: 5% of the pot, with a cap
  • Omaha cash game: 5% of the pot, with a cap
  • Rush & Cash: 5% of the pot, with a cap

GGPoker uses a special formula for calculating rake, which assigns a unique multiplier from 0.1 to 1 to the rake generated by the player. The player's multiplier depends on the game style, type, and stakes. The exact calculation method is unknown.

  • Detailed rake structure:
LimitRakeHoldem CapOmaha CapRush&Cash Cap
$0.02 / $0.055%$0.15-$0.15
$0.05 / $0.105%$0.75$0.30$0.30
$0.10 / $0.255%$1.25$0.75$0.75
$0.25 / $0.505%$4$1$1.50
$0.50 / $15%$5$2$3
$1 / $25%$6$4$6
$2 / $55%1.6BB1.5BB-
$5 / $105%1BB1.5BB-
$10 / $205%-1.5BB-
$25 / $505%-1BB-
$50 / $1005%-1BB-
$100 / $2005%-1BB-
$200 / $4005%-1BB-
$500 / $10005%-1BB-

  • The player pool strength of the GGPoker is 2.94 on a scale of 1 to 5, according to the RakeRace 2022 survey.
  • 29% of respondents did not know the strength of the room.

In order to be eligible for our promotions, add your poker room ID, screen name and e-mail address to our site by clicking on "Enter your GGPoker ID" on the top of this page.

Attention UK customers! You need to create your account via THIS LINK.
If you have any issues with your Skrill deposit, contact us!

If you create your account exactly based on the Registraion Guide, you don't need to enter any bonus codes - you shouldn't even see a box like that.

However, if you create your account in any other way, you will see the following form:

If you see this form, this means you must enter the Bonus Code: rakerace to ensure you being tracked to and enter in our exclusive promotions.

Gambling responsibly means being able to exercise control over your gambling activity and not letting it negatively impact other areas of your life.

We urge all of our players to:

  • Control how much time and money you are spending;
  • See gambling as a form of entertainment;
  • Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose;
  • Know and accept the odds;
  • Keep sight of your chances of winning;
  • Accept that your spending limits may be less than others;
  • Don’t go back the next time to try and win back your losses.

18+ only | Terms and Conditions apply

GGPoker Reliability index
Number of Network Shifts: 10 point
Licence and Stock Exchange Listing: 7 point Opinion: 10 point
Income Diversification: 8 point
Regulated Market Presence: 9 point
Network Reliability: 8 point
Market Experience: 9 point
Withdrawal Issues: 10 point

Number of Network Shifts: 10 point

(5,26% weighted)

GGPoker has always been operating in the GGNetwork.

Licence and Stock Exchange Listing: 7 point

(10,53% weighted)

GGPoker or any of its parents companies are not on stock exchange, neither are their yearly reports public. GGPoker is licensed in Curacao Opinion: 10 point

(10,53% weighted)

We believe that both GGPoker and the GGNetwork are exciting new companies in the world of poker. However, as it is with all new rooms, you should be advised not to keep too much money in the room. While several high-stakes players reported on strange treatment by the site's support on the international poker forums earlier, we haven't heard any complaints from our players in the past years, and we believe this is no longer an issue at the site.

Income Diversification: 8 point

(10,53% weighted)

Based on what we know, the entire income of GGPoker comes from poker. Until the end of 2016, their main field was poker management. They entered the online poker business in January 2017.

Regulated Market Presence: 9 point

(10,53% weighted) is operated by GG (Good Game) Processing Services Ltd., and welcomes players from everywhere in the world except the United States.

Network Reliability: 8 point

(15,79% weighted)

GGNetwork is a relatively new network of mostly Asian rooms. The network started its worldwide expansion in 2016. By April 2017, they rival the iPoker network in terms of traffic, and its great software hints at future success as well.

Market Experience: 9 point

(15,79% weighted)

GGPoker launched in January 2017, but the founder Poker Players International has been in the poker player management business for over a decade, and is considered one of the top companies of its expertise.

Withdrawal Issues: 10 point

(21,05% weighted)

We have no information of any withdrawal issues in the history of GGPoker.

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