WSOPE Main Event – A Finale of Stars

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2011. October 20. |
Although both Patrik Antonius and Erik Seidel got eliminated from the World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE) Main Event on Day 4, the final table is set to feature many of the top poker stars of today.
25 players sat down on Day 4 to play for the 8 seats of the final table of the €10,400 WSOPE Main Event. Young Brit Max Silver, who also made it to the €3,000 NLHE Shootout finals, was in the chiplead with 1,780,000, ahead of 2011 online money list leader Chris Moorman and WSOP champion Amir Lehavot. In addition, a lot of other well known players were present at the Barriere’s tables.

An early finisher was Tony G, who went preflop all-in with few chips and got called by the original raiser John ‘johne147’ Eames, who eliminated him in a flip. Poker Hall of Fame member Erik Seidel finished 21st, shoving preflop against Ukrainian Alex Dovzhenko.

Dovzhenko: {#}A {#}Q
Seidel: {#}K {#}J

Board: {#}9 {#}4 {#}3 {#}7 {#}8

The board was inconsequential, Dovzhenko won with ace high.

Erik Seidel in the WSOPE 2011 Main Event
Erik Seidel in the WSOPE 2011 Main Event

A member of the dangerous young generation of British poker players, like Silver, Moorman and Jake Cody, Eames finished in 20th place after going preflop all-in as shortstack with {#}K {#}T . Silver called with pocket queens and not even a ten on the board was able to help ‘johne147’.

EPT founder John Duthie, who boasts over $3 million in live cashes, got the 18th finish, going 3-bet all-in with {#}Q {#}9 on Lehavot’s raise, who called with {#}A {#}Q and got the nut flush on the flop, leaving Duthie no chance to take the pot.

In the finish of the day, $10,000 Bellagio Cup Main Event winner Elio Fox got into the chiplead, eliminating Dovzhenko and EPT champion Arnaud Mattern in a single hand. The Ukrainian finished 11th, the French 10th.

Mattern: {#}A {#}A
Dovzhenko: {#}A {#}K
Fox: {#}T {#}T

Board: {#}9 {#}T {#}6 {#}K {#}7

Fox’s hand improved into a set.

Finally, Patrik Antonius got railed in 9th place, who got his preflop all-in called by both Shawn Buchanan and Moorman. Buchanan checked the {#}Q {#}7 {#}4 flop, Moorman bet 100,000 (Level 24: 5,000/15,000/30,000) and Buchanan called. He checked the {#}J turn, Moorman bet 225,000 and Buchanan folded.

Moorman: {#}A {#}A
Antonius: {#}A {#}T

River: {#}9

Patrik Antonius, Chris moorman and Jake Cody in the 2011 WSOPE Main Event
Chris Moorman, Patrik Antonius and Jake Cody in the 2011 WSOPE Main Event

The final table on Thursday features an incredibly hard field, with Fox in the chiplead.

Follow the live stream here from 13:45 (Cannes local time).

The chipcounts of the final table are the following:

1. Elio Fox - 3.990.000
2. Jake Cody - 2.685.000
3. Dermot Blain - 2.405.000
4. Chris Moorman - 2.230.000
5. Brian Roberts - 2.000.000
6. Max Silver - 1.825.000
7. Moritz Kranich - 1.660.000
8. Shawn Buchanan - 1.015.000

The official WSOPE website published the seating order, together with a short description of the players. You can read this below:

SEAT 1:  Max Silver               
HOMETOWN:  London (England)
CHIP COUNT:  1,825,000
Max Silver is a 21-year-old professional poker player.  He once worked in marketing.  Silver previously won the UK and Ireland Poker Tour championship played in Dublin as well as a European Poker Tour event played in London.  He took fourth place in the Shootout event at this year’s 2011 WSOP Europe and hopes to improve on that performance in what is his second final table appearance here in Cannes.

SEAT 2:  Elio Fox
HOMETOWN:  New York, New York (USA)
CHIP COUNT:  3,990,000
Fox is a 25-year-old professional poker player.  He was previously a college student at prestigious Bard College in New York.  Fox won the Bellagio Cup championship earlier this year, played in Las Vegas.  For that victory, he won about $680,000.  He stands to win three times that amount here in Cannes, should he win this championship.

SEAT 3:  Dermot Blain
HOMETOWN:  Dublin (Ireland)
CHIP COUNT:  2,405,000
Blain is a 27-year-old professional poker player.  He is the 2009 Asian-Pacific Poker Tour champion, held at Macau.  Blain has numerous cashes on his poker resume over the past six years as a pro and has accumulated about $800,000 in career live tournament earnings.  He has a chance to triple that today, with a victory here at WSOP Europe.

SEAT 4:  Jake Cody
HOMETOWN:  Leeds (England)
CHIP COUNT:  2,685,000
Jake Cody is a 23-year-old professional poker player.  He won his first WSOP gold bracelet earlier this year in the $25,000 buy-in Heads-Up World Championship, which earned him a payout totaling $800,000.  He also won an EPT event in Deauville and a WPT event in London, giving him what some call “Poker’s Triple Crown.”  It’s pretty amazing that in just two short years, Cody has already won more than $2.6 million.

SEAT 5:  Shawn Buchanan

HOMETOWN:  Abbotsford, British Columbia (Canada)
CHIP COUNT:  1,015,000
Buchanan is a 29-year-old professional poker player.  He is widely-regarded as one of the top, if not the top player in the world who has yet to win a WSOP gold bracelet.  But he’s come very close, two times in fact this year alone in WSOP tournaments.  Buchanan’s three second place finishes over the past two years in WSOP tournaments have made him one of the most watched and feared players in the game.  He has $3.8 million in career tournament earnings, to date.  He’s also still in the running for the 2011 WSOP “Player of the Year.”

SEAT 6:  Moritz Kranich
HOMETOWN:  Hamburg (Germany)
CHIP COUNT:  1,660,000
Kranich is a 31-year-old professional poker player.  He has two major tournament wins – at EPT Deauville and WPT Bellagio.  His EPT win paid over $1 million.  He has in excess of $2.1 million in career tournament winnings.  He hopes to become the first German player in history to win a WSOP Europe gold bracelet. 

SEAT 7:  Chris Moorman
HOMETOWN:  Limassol (Cyprus), but originally from Basildon (England)
CHIP COUNT:  2,230,000
Moorman is a 26-year-old professional poker player.  He holds a college degree in economics from Essex University, in England.  Moorman had second- and third-place finishes at this year’s WSOP in Las Vegas.  He has nearly $1.4 million in live tournament earnings, but is still seeking his first major live tournament victory.

SEAT 8:  Brian Roberts
HOMETOWN:  Austin, Texas (USA)
CHIP COUNT:  2,000,000
Roberts is a 28-year-old professional poker player.  He has nearly two dozen major cashes in a wide variety of tournaments, mostly played in the American Midwest.  He is already guaranteed his second cash here at WSOP Europe and biggest payout with this final table appearance.  His online poker nickname is “Flawless Victory,” which he hopes to turn into reality at this final table.  Note:  Roberts is no relation to the late Brian "Sailor" Roberts, also from Texas, who won the 1975 WSOP Main Event.

The prizes are as follows:

1. €1.400.000
2. €800.000
3. €550.000
4. €400.000
5. €275.000
6. €200.000
7. €150.000
8. €115.000
9-10. €90.000
11-12. €67.500
13-14. €53.000
15-16. €43.000
17-24. €37.000
25-32. €32.000
33-40. €27.500
41-48. €24.000
49-56. €21.475
57-64. €20.000

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